Bandalasta Colours 

BANDALASTA was made in a variety of beautiful marbled and translucent pastel shades.

We are able to offer 18 distinct colours. In the Marbled shades no two pieces are exactly alike, but all the pieces of the same colour number are blended so that they can be built up in complete sets.

self colours - 

Y - Yellow

G - Green

C- cream

M - Mahogany

R - Red

B - black

 098 caddy green 098 Caddy yellow 098 Caddy red 

GYB green marbled yellow and black

GB green marbled black

GY green marbled yellow

GC green marbled cream

GR green marbled red

GM green marbled Mahogany


MYB Mahogany marbled yellow and black

MYG Mahogany marbled yellow and green

MY Mahogany marbled yellow

MC Mahogany marbled cream

MR Mahogany marbled red

MG Mahogany marbled green 


other combinations can be made up on request.

 098 Caddy 098 Caddy 098 Caddy 098 Caddy bandarouge 098 Caddy blue/black 098 Caddy NB15 098 Caddy NG6 098 Caddy NGB 098 Caddy NR12B 098 Caddy NY8G 098 Caddy orange/black