Charlesworths have had a long association with Morgan sports cars, 

Cyril & Joyce purchased their first Morgan 4-4  in 1951. morgan 4-4Morgan +4 flat rad 3 wheeler 4-4 DHC +8 4/4  +4 +4 4 seater DHC +4 super sports car parts_50 aero8 



 Our range of parts for classic Morgans has been steadily increasing 

starter switch knob_1Starter Switch Knobs

switch knobsMorgan panel light knob

distance pieceMorgan spot lamp mount

morgan_54Morgan warning lights


Parts produced for the Morgan Motor Co. are available from Aero Racing  

Morgan demister ventMorgan indicator gasketMorgan steering column coverMorgan rear plinth chromeMorgan plinth sealMorgan side light gasketMorgan indicator plinthMorgan HELLA reflector plinthMorgan Lucas reflector plinthMorgan round reflector plinthMorgan 4str reflector sealMorgan fog / reverse plinthMorgan rear light plinthMorgan plinth seal 2strMorgan light sealMorgan chrome wheel capMorgan steering rack coverMorgan wiper end capMorgan aero8 roof sealwarning lights_41