Classic Parts by Charlesworth Mouldings

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Charlesworths have had a long association with classic cars and motor sport. Cyril and Joyce bought their first Morgan 4-4 in 1951. 

After being unable to source parts to carry out restorations on our own vehicles we decided to produce them ourselves. By using the same moulding methods & materials we could ensure the parts looked and felt original. Applying our usual proven level of production quality control we know they will operate correctly.

Charlesworths have teamed up with Brookes & Adams Ltd to make use of the original moulds & materials to bring back a range of decorative moulded Bandalasta first produce in the 1920's "the ideal picnic and dainty table ware". A range of articles for camping, caravaning, yachting along with tableware for the home. These mouldings were known for their light bright colours & marbled effects, a first for plastic, which until the invention by BIP of their Beetle urea formaldehyde in 1924 had been restricted the dark colours of Bakelite.  

All the items are hand made & finished in England in Beetle urea & melamine along with bakelite phenolics. The marbling means that no two pieces are identical but are blended from the same base colours so sets can be built up. If an item is not listed in a colour you would like please contact us. 

Ginetta G15
Land Rover Series one 80"
Troll T6
Morgan +8
Triumph Stag
Morgan 4/4
Austin 8
Morgan +4
Austin 7 Saloon
Morgan ARP4
Bardon Turner 500
Austin J40 pedal car
Morgan Junior
Land Rover Wolf